June MONSTERBASS Box | Tips & Tricks for the Baits in My June Box

This month, I received my June Northeast MONSTERBASS box and instead of doing a stereotypical unboxing, I’m going to run through my favorite way to use the baits I received.

Whether you’re new to fishing or have been chasing big bass for years, there’s always room for improvement. If you would rig anything differently, let me know in the comments section at the bottom of the article. 

Now, without further ado, let’s dive into the baits I received and some tips and tricks for rigging them.

June MONSTERBASS Box | Bait #1: X Zone Lures Adrenaline Bug

Up first is the 4-inch X Zone Lures Adrenaline Bug. This beaver style bait is perfect for fishing on a flipping setup using a Texas rig. I prefer to flip a beaver style bait in submerged vegetation or around shallow laydowns. Rig the Adrenaline Bug on a 5/0 flipping hook with a ½-ounce bullet weight and get to work. 

I’d recommend two bobber stops to keep the weight from moving too far up and down your line when fishing in heavier cover. If you’re going to be fishing matted vegetation, upsize your weigh to make sure you’re breaking through that top layer. 

This Texas rig presentation is a great way to entice post-spawn bass this time of year and it’s incredibly versatile since you can fish it in heavy cover or more of an open water situation. 

June MONSTERBASS Box | Bait #2: X Zone Lures Muscle Back Craw

The next bait I received was the X Zone Lures Muscle Back Finesse Craw. This bait makes a great jig trailer. You could also Texas rig it if you’d prefer. 

However, the floating claws that are standard with X Zone allows this bait to be a perfect jig trailer. As the head of your jig sits on the bottom, the floating claws will make a presentation that most feeding bass can’t resist. 

Fish this setup around deep rock piles, laydowns, and even along the deeper edges of rip-rap. A jig is a great way to catch some better than average fish this season. 

June MONSTERBASS Box | Bait #3: X Zone Lures Blitz Worm

The final X Zone bait I received was the 11’ Blitz Worm. Now, in the Northeast, you might be wondering when a bass is ever going to take on a bait THAT big. Here’s a hint, they can and will eat a big worm! 

I prefer to target deeper rock piles and ledges with the Blitz Worm using a ½-ounce football jig with a screw lock. You can drag this bait along the bottom or hop it to get a great swimming action up and down in the water column. Once you feel the bite, reel down to the bait and give it a second or two to make sure the fish has it, then swing away. 

If you’re looking for a fun and exciting way to target some big bass this summer, don’t be afraid to try a big worm, like the 11” Blitz Worm from X Zone!

June MONSTERBASS Box | Bait #4: Chasebaits Big Wiggle Bomb

The Chasebaits Big Wiggle Bomb is a new take on a classic topwater lure. This soft, hollow body frog style bait is perfect for fishing up shallow around pads or submerged grass. This hollow body frog actually has a weighted hook towards the nose of the bait allowing it to slowly sink in the water column. 

Due to that weight, there are actually two ways you can fish it. 

First, you can burn it across the top of the water column to try and trigger an aggressive topwater strike. When those fish are reacting to a bait and feeding heavily, this can be a great way to fill the boat in a hurry. 

On days where the fish are more lethargic, you can let it sink down into the water column and slowly work the bait to you with small switches and a slow retrieve. This will give the bass a slower target and a different presentation than they are used to seeing. 

Either way you fish it, be ready for some great strikes!

June MONSTERBASS Box | Bait #5: Heddon Torpedo

The Heddon Torpedo is a true classic. This prop style bait has been around for years and accounts for thousands of fish catches. Its small profile makes it a great bait for the Northeast where the baitfish are smaller than their counterparts down south. 

The propellers on this bait give it some amazing action as you rip it or straight retrieve it across the water’s surface. You can fish it up shallow around structure that bass will be using as ambush points, or you can find schooling bass focused on baitfish around points or bluffs and elicit some great topwater strikes from the feeding bass below.

June MONSTERBASS Box | Bait #6: Savage Gear Fat Vibes

The Savage Gear Fat Vibes is a lipless crankbait with rattles. A lipless crankbait is a great imitator of baitfish in your area. You can swim it, yo-yo it, or work it like a jig along the bottom. 

A lipless crankbait like the Fat Vibes is great for working submerged grass beds or along deeper grass lines. It can also be fished in and around laydowns where baitfish are present. 

Regarding rigging, I personally use a Palomar knot with 12-pound fluorocarbon. Throw it on a moderate action rod which will allow the rod to load up when the fish bites it instead of a stiffer rod that might rip the bait from the fish’s mouth. I’d recommend a 7’ Medium rod with a moderate action for fishing your Savage Gear Fat Vibes. 

June MONSTERBASS Box | Bait #7: Z-Man Swing Bladez

The Z-Man Swing Bladez lineup has some great options for covering all of your spinnerbait needs. Whether you like to throw double colorado blades, double willows, or a mixture of the two, they’ve got you covered. 

For rigging, I’d use the same rod or a similar rod for the lipless crankbait setup I mentioned above. You can always upsize if you’d like, but personally, I want to feel those blades kicking while I’m retrieving the spinnerbait. 

Depending on the area you’re fishing, you can throw your spinnerbait on a 12 or 14-pound fluorocarbon and that should be plenty of line for a nice sweeping hookset and keeping those fish pinned to the boat. 

June MONSTERBASS Box | Terminal Tackle: Daiichi Hooks

Last but certainly not least, something an angler will always need, terminal tackle. This month, I received a pack of Daiichi hooks. These offset worm hooks are great for weightless soft plastic presentations or for a Texas rig. 

I prefer to slow down this time of year on those high-pressure days and toss around a weightless senko. I’m going to assume most of you have tried a weightless senko and found success, but if you haven’t, it’s a great way to catch highly pressured bass that might not be reacting to your moving baits.

If you’re looking for a great way to improve your bass fishing arsenal this season, check out the regional subscription boxes from MONSTERBASS. Get baits that will work in your area delivered directly to your door. 

MONSTERBASS June Unboxing(9)

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