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How To Land More Bass | Grae Buck’s Bass Fishing Tips

I recently had a co-angler lose a 5-plus-pound smallmouth in an Oneida Lake tournament. Afterward, he asked me, “Why did that happen, and what could I have done differently?”

They’re both good questions. The answers can help you put more fish in the boat when money is on the line … literally.

My technique for fighting a bass depends significantly on the equipment – my Dobyns rod, Ardent reel, Seaguar line and Cornerstone Baits – that I’m using at the time.

When using a lure with treble hooks, it’s important to play the fish and determine how it’s hooked to decide if you can swing it safely or if you need to get down and grab it with your hands or a net. If it’s hooked outside the mouth or with just one treble, it’s safest to not swing it. Play it with caution, then carefully grab it or net it.

The size and weight of the lure, as well as the number of hooks, factor in as well. It’s generally tougher to land a fish on a lure with treble hooks than a single-hooked lure. A prime example would be a lipless crankbait. Landing a fish on this bait can be very tough because of the size and weight of the lure paired with treble hooks. Bass can get enough leverage to pull loose. But it’s a great bait nonetheless. Landing a fish on a lipless crankbait just takes more finesse and caution to maximize success. You can play them differently on a small swimbait with a single hook.

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I am a FLW Tour pro going into my 3rd year as a full time angler. This year along with the tour I will be fishing the Bassmaster Eastern Opens. From 2008-2012 I attended Penn State where I was on the bass fishing team while I studied Environmental Resource Management.

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