Guide to Bass Fishing Technology

Shaye Baker’s Guide to Bass Fishing Technology

With all of the technology that’s out there geared towards bass anglers, along changes and improvements being made, it’s really difficult to keep up with everything! Do you need the latest flashy bells and whistles? What works best and what do you need to be the most effective angler?

ANGLR’s Bass Fishing Technology: The Most Useful Tools, Graphs, and More! resource center answers all of your questions. ANGLR has once again teamed up with ANGLR Expert Shaye Baker to put together another comprehensive educational dialog. This time, he wades through the complex world of fishing technology that anglers have at their disposal now.

While the focus is geared towards bass anglers, any fishing fool could make use of the knowledge that is shared here.

Divided into useful sections according to what each electronic device does, and where it can be useful, you’ll have a full-on understanding of what’s out there once you’re done.

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Fishing Technology: How Boat Mounted Electronics Help You Break Down the Water

There are a ton of options out there in regards to boat-mounted electronics, so Baker narrows it down to a few that you really should pay attention to and why.

He includes:

  • Humminbird LakeMaster
  • Customizable Charts like Humminbird’s LakeMaster AutoChart and Lowrance’s Genesis program
  • Lowrance LIVE
  • Garmin Panoptix
  • Garmin LIVEscope

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Fishing Terminology: Cameras and Filming to Record Your Catches!

With so many different cameras and filming options, it’s hard to know what to choose! Who wouldn’t want to keep a visual record of the exciting trip they had? Getting good Point Of View (POV) of you wrestling with the beast can add to the excitement of the videos you create to share, and the latest advancements will have you feeling like a videographer pro.

Baker gives the rundown of both PowerStick 53” from YOLOtek and GoPros and other POV Cameras.

Fishing Technology: Satellite and Topographic Imagery Change the Way We Plan Our Trips!

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You can’t forget the importance of researching your water before your trip. Using topography and satellite imagery can really help you plot your waypoints by giving you a good visual of what is going on under the water so you can maximize your time once you get out there. Baker shows you what they both can offer, and how to use them to your advantage.

Fishing Technology: Apps and Digital Advancements Continue to Evolve the Way We Fish!

Using all of those advancements isn’t the be-all, end-all of it, either. If you’re not logging everything possible about your fishing trips your future self is really missing out! Why go through all the research again your next trip out a year from now? If you’re keeping a good journal or log of your expeditions, you’ll be able to use that later.

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But who really has time to do all of that writing? Fortunately, there’s an app for that! Baker digs into using a digital log like ANGLR’s own Fishing App and shows you just how easy incorporating it into your routine is, and how beneficial it can be in the future!

Weather is another thing you have to worry about when headed out on the water. On top of that, weather patterns affect what your fish are doing and how they’re behaving. Staying on top of patterns can help you decide what your next move is going to be. There are multiple weather apps you can choose from.

Lake information apps can really come in handy when figuring out generation schedules and output levels.

Digital culling systems can help you keep tabs on your catches so you can make intelligent decisions when in the heat of a tournament.

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Fishing Technology: Technology For Your Boat That Changes the Game

Cruise control for your rig. We got it. With all the advancements in technology for your boat, it’s hard to stay on top of everything. Baker shows you the latest and greatest designed electronics to make your life so much easier when out on the water, whether helping you maintain position, or when you get in trouble and need a jump.

He shows you:

  • Shallow water anchors
  • The Minn Kota Ultrex
  • Jump starters
  • Battery packs

No one wants to be left behind the crowd. Fishing effectively is about keeping up. There’s no sense in letting technology pass you by.

This article was contributed by an ANGLR Expert

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Shaye Baker


Shaye Baker started fishing with his dad in Alabama as soon as they could find a life jacket small enough to fit him. Competing with his father in local tournaments, Shaye quickly found a hunger for competitive bass fishing. He furthered his fishing career at Auburn University helping to establish the Auburn University Bass Fishing Club. While at Auburn, Shaye served as the President of the club and qualified to fish on the traveling team amassing six Top 5 finishes including two 3rd place finishes in consecutive FLW College Fishing National Championships. While beginning to dabble in the world of outdoor journalism, Shaye continued to fish semi-pro events finishing in the Top 5 in the Bassmaster Opens, FLW Costa Series and BFLs. Finding himself at a crossroads, Shaye chose to put down the rod and pick up the pen and camera to focus on his career in outdoor journalism. Shaye has had work featured in Bassmaster Magazine, FLW Outdoors Magazine, B.A.S.S.Times and the Japanese bass fishing magazine Basser. Shaye has also had work featured on ESPN and, and While working with B.A.S.S., Shaye initiated and spearheaded their GoPro division which brought more video coverage to the fans than had ever been done before in competitive fishing. After his tenure with some of the best companies in the business, Shaye identified a need for competitive fishing where participation didn’t cost a fortune. By founding UPLOADED, the Online Fishing Series, Shaye established a free tournament series where anglers could film their fish catches and upload their videos to compete against other anglers for prizes.

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