Fall Bass Fishing

Five 13 Fishing Baits Built for Fall Bass Fishing

As the fall ramps up, the water temps are cooling down. Fish are spread out from 20-feet deep on structure to 6-inches deep chasing bait. Then there’s also a large portion of the population suspended over deep water chasing hoards of baitfish. You need to be versatile this time of year and keep the fish honest by checking all sorts of stuff. Here are 5 baits from 13 Fishing built for fall fishing that will help you do just that.

13 Fishing Troll Hunter 

With 4 sizes capable of max depths ranging from 8-feet to 18, there’s a Troll Hunter crankbait for all stages the fish might be in this fall. Early in the fall, when there’s still a few lunkers hanging on the ledges, tie on the deep-diver and dredge one up. When the fish move shallower and get on those 45-degree banks making their way back into creeks and sloughs, the 12- and 8-foot divers will shine. 

Fall Bass Fishing(1)

Crankbaits are great in the fall for several reasons, the biggest being that they match the hatch well. But not just baitfish. You can also use crankbaits to imitate crawfish later in the fall and into the winter when the bass have gorged themselves on shad and there’s an overabundance. Often, switching to something different like a craw imitating crankbait will trigger more strikes. 

13 Fishing Gordito

Sticking with that same train of thought, and playing off the popularity of the old school Wiggle Wart, the Gordito is a great crankbait for that late fall bite. As the water temps really start to plummet, moving to a craw imitator and really slowing down your retrieve can be key. 

Fall Bass Fishing(2)

The Gordito has a nice, wide wobble and aggressive side-to-side action that has been proven to work time and time again on cold-water bass. Finishing the bait off with a pair of ultra-sharp VMC treble hooks, 13 Fishing has put together quite the little powerhouse of a crankbait. Diving to 7-feet, this is one you’ll want to have tied on as the fall winds down and the fish start locking in on rock and wood for the winter. 

13 Fishing Navigator

Pulling back a little to earlier in the season, let’s talk about schoolers. Fish will be chasing bait from dirt shallow to 100-plus. Wherever you find bait in the fall, you’ll find bass. And a topwater is a great bait to chase them with. 

Fall Bass Fishing(3)

The Navigator comes in two sizes, 108 and 94. The sizes are based on the length of the baits in millimeters. The larger Navigator will obviously help add a little distance to your casts, but there are times where the smaller of the duo will generate more bites. Matching the hatch is key during the fall and you’ll often find the baitfish are a little smaller this time of year. 

13 Fishing Warthog 

Moving to shallow cover, a squarebill is hard to beat in the fall, and the Warthog knows how to root around. With an extra-wide head, this bait will come through cover really well. The wider bait provides more area for the hooks to tuck in behind it as it makes its way through shallow rock and wood. 

Fall Bass Fishing(4)

Offered in two sizes (60mm and 70mm), you have some options with the Warthog. Seemingly insignificant, the subtle change between these two baits can make a huge difference. The smaller of the two baits dives 2- to 4-feet, the larger 3 to 5. Picking the right bait so that you’re ticking the cover and not just dredging the bottom is extremely important, especially in the fall when dealing with typically picky bass. 

13 Fishing El Diablo

Probably the most synonymous bait with the fall for most anglers, the lipless crankbait has likely tricked a million-plus fish by now this time of year. And it seems like they just keep getting better. Adding to their already popular lipless lineup consisting of the Magic Man, 13 Fishing recently introduced the multi-rattle El Diablo in 1/2- and 3/4- ounce models. 

Fall Bass Fishing(5)

Lipless crankbaits are so effective in the fall because they can be fished at a wide range of depths and speeds. With fish scattered throughout the water column and water temperatures changing daily at times, having a single bait that can be used to transition with the fish is extremely helpful. The bait will generate bites on a myriad of retrieves, but yo-yoing the bait seems to be the most effective when possible. 

Don’t Sleep on these Five 13 Fishing Baits for Fall Bass Fishing

As the fall bite heats up in your area, be sure to grab some or all of these baits before hitting the water. Remember, look for the bait, not the bass. When you find the one you’ll find the other. Pick baits that resemble the baitfish present in size and color, only breaking away from that theology later in the fall when the water temps really start to cool down and fish start to focus on bottom crawling baits. 

With these baits in your arsenal, the fall bite should be on fire!

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