College Bass Fishing: Everything You Need to Know… All in One Place

Though the first college bass fishing tournament happened back in 1992 between Purdue University and Indiana University, it’s taken a little while for the sport to catch on. But boy, has it ever! Collegiate anglers have seen a huge boost in activity over the past 10 years, and thankfully that trend seems to only be continuing.

  • Do you have a college-age kid looking through the endless list of schools, trying to decide what the next step in life is?
  • Are you that young person, searching through stacks of guidance office pamphlets and researching colleges your parents are naming off?
  • Do you still have a few more years of high school to go, but just know you need to be on a college bass tournament team and want to know how to prepare?
  • Did you even know that your days on the water don’t have to be over, just because it’s time to get serious about hitting the books?

ANGLR has put together the most comprehensive guide ever on everything you need to know about college fishing, including where you can go and how you can prepare.

College Bass Fishing 101

Leave it to ANGLR, yet again, to compile everything you need for a particular endeavor right in one spot. They’ve created College Fishing 101, a comprehensive guide to college bass fishing. This textbook for current and future college anglers was created by ANGLR Experts who have been through “the program,” so to speak, and know exactly where you need to be, what you need to know, and how you need to do it!

If you’re at all interested in fishing during your college career, ANGLR provides all the information you’ll possibly need in one location. This guide takes you seamlessly through it all. Even if you’re not sure what, exactly, college fishing is all about, they’ll make sure you’ve got all the knowledge you need, regardless of where you are in your college fishing career.

Chapter 1: Introduction to College Bass Fishing

College Bass Fishing (1)

Whether you’re still sitting in high school study hall, dreaming of the days of collegiate independence, or are already enrolled in a school and just found out that tournament fishing was a thing, Chapter one is a great intro to get you started.

This chapter is a great introduction to what college tournaments are all about, detailing the three major tournament series of college fishing. You’ll get an overview of what the tournaments entail, how each is structured, and what you can expect once you’re competing.

That’s just a little taste to get you going in case you were sitting on the fence about joining a collegiate team.

Chapter 2: The List of Bass Fishing Colleges

College Bass Fishing (2)

If you’re just going through the application process and are wondering where you can go to get a quality education and continue to enjoy your days out on the water – maybe even all over the country – this is the chapter for you. ANGLR has put together the most comprehensive list of college bass fishing schools on the internet.

Listed in alphabetical order, you can find links to each school’s website or social media page so that you can easily get in touch to request more information.

Chapter 3: How To Get On a College Bass Fishing Team

ANGLR keeps it simple by outlining the six basic steps you need to complete to enter into the program. Need we say more? Now there’s no excuse for being left in the dark!

Chapter 4: College Bass Fishing Tournament Guidelines

College Bass Fishing (3)

Just like with anything you do, you need to be prepared for what’s to come. Knowing how the game is played and what the rules ensure you’re that much closer to bringing home the trophy. Not knowing these rules doesn’t fly here, so the ANGLR geniuses have made it easy for you, providing you with links to each of the three main tournament series’ rules. Each is similar, but there are variations that you do need to pay attention to.

You’ll even get schooled on the unspoken rules and etiquette so you’ll know how to be a true team player. You’ll get tips on how to be as successful as possible on the water. Preparation makes perfect!

If you’ve already made it on a college team, congrats! They’ve provided links to the upcoming tournament schedules so you know what you have to look forward to this coming season, as well as schedules from the past few years, providing an example of how often you’ll be road-tripping it and what sort of associated costs you can expect. Always make sure you’re not overdoing it. You’ll still need to keep up with your studies!

Chapter 5: Tips For High School Anglers

Last but not least, if you’re still stuck in your hometown, dreaming of the day when you graduate and finally get to move on to bigger and better things, ANGLR sets you up for future success as a collegiate team angler by telling you what you need to do now to prepare.

So what do you have to lose? Get yourself out there and fish!

This article was contributed by an ANGLR Expert

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I am an avid bass fisherman and part of the ANGLR marketing team. I recently graduated from the Pennsylvania State University after being the team captain of the PSU Bass Fishing team for four years. I fish in tournaments nearly every weekend of the fishing season. I love to fish and have devoted my life to constant improvement with big goals to accomplish. I hope to help others improve and increase their knowledge along the way!

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