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Cheap Baitcaster Combo: The Top 3 Budget Baitcaster Combos Under $200

Often times when the budget is tight or you are just getting into bass fishing, finding a good quality, but cheap baitcaster combo can be tough. I’m here to provide some insight on the best budget friendly baitcaster combos on the market based on past experience of buying, and fishing with many combos over the years. 

My top 3 budget baitcaster setups for under $200!

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Cheap Baitcaster Combo: Shimano Caius Reel Paired With a Favorite Rods White Bird

Finding a budget-friendly setup that is good for all-around bass fishing can be tough. This is because all rods and reels are designed for different types of fishing. There aren’t a whole lot of setups that can cover most aspects of bass fishing, whether they are designed for big swimbaits, small ned rigs, or all of the different techniques in-between. 

With that being said, there are certain combos out there that allow anglers to cover the gamut of techniques that fall under certain broad categories. One of the best for all-around bass fishing setups I’ve found is the Shimano Caius 150 Baitcasting reel paired with a 7’2” Heavy Favorite rods White Bird

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I have been using this combo for over a year now and have had no issues with the rod or reel. The 7’2” Heavy Favorite Rods White Bird is strong enough to throw any heavy cover topwater lure and most swimbaits, but sensitive enough to feel the smallest bites when finesse fishing. The important part is having the right line for your fishing. If you have the right line for your scenario, the combo should work great. You’ll want to use high test braid in heavy cover and back down to lighter fluorocarbon when fishing more finesse tactics.

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The Favorite rods White Bird retails for $60 and the Shimano Caius 150 retails for $80 brand new on amazon. 

Cheap Baitcaster Combo: Shimano Casitas Reel Paired With a Bass Pro Shops Carbonlite 2.0 Rod

The Shimano Casitas paired with the Bass Pro Shops Carbonlite 2.0 is my favorite cheap baitcaster combo for most of my bass fishing applications. The Shimano Casitas is around $80 and the Bass Pro Shops Carbonlite 2.0 retails around $120.

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Photo Credit: Bass Pro Shops

The Carbonlite is a great line of rods for anglers chasing high-quality paired with affordability. These rods have a strong backbone which is what you need to really drive the hook home. They also make great rods for jigs, chatterbaits, spinnerbaits, and finesse techniques as well. 

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The Casitas is available in high gear ratios which is great for reeling up the slack line to catch up to a fish and set the hook!

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Cheap Baitcaster Combo: Abu Garcia Silver Max

This setup is more for people who are looking to get their first baitcasting setup and want to start out with one that doesn’t break the bank. The Abu Garcia Silver Max is just that. I myself started with the Black Max combo and upgraded to the Silver Max shortly after I realized I needed at least a Medium-Heavy for the type of bass fishing I was doing. 

The Abu Garcia Silver Max Combo retails for around $80. When I bought this budget friendly combo I was very impressed with the rod and reel, but spent the extra $20 to get better bearings in the baitcaster which really put it over the top! 

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Overall the Abu Garcia Silver Max is the best baitcasting combo for under $100, perfect for anglers beginning to use a baitcaster combo. Photo Credit: Abu Garcia

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