Chatterbaits: An In-Depth Guide to a Bass Catching Machine

For some new anglers, using chatterbaits may seem a bit difficult. There are certain techniques involved, right? If you’ve ever considered trying one but felt that you weren’t really sure which one to choose, or that you didn’t really know how to get it going just right and what technique to use, you’re not alone.

For many fishermen, thinking about branching out with a new technique or trying something outside of your comfort zone may leave you sitting on the fence. Many never really take the plunge and wind up missing out on something that could put them on the path to a successful fishing trip.

ANGLR has recently launched their Chatterbait: Everything You Need To Know About the Vibrating Jig. This is the next addition to their ever-growing bass fishing educational series.

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Part of the extensive Bass Fishing Resource series, Everything You Need to Know About the Vibrating Jig, delves deep into what makes these baits so effective and fun to use! Author ANGLR Expert Shaye Baker has a ton of experience to share, so this is definitely something you don’t want to miss!


Not only are pictures included, but detailed videos by Baker illustrate talking points throughout the article.

History Lesson On Chatterbaits

Vibrating jigs have only really come into popularity in the past 10 years, but where did they come from, and what made them catch on so quickly? Find out exactly how they got their start so you know why you can’t afford to not give one a try!

Chatterbait Basics


Before getting too far into how incorporating chatterbaits is going to change your life, Baker educates you on what makes this jig type such a great choice and how it differs from other baits like a spinnerbait, crankbait, or lipless.

Customizing Your Chatterbaits

Once you have the basics of chatterbaits together, you’re free to customize it to the hilt. You have many variations of options from customizing the skirt, to differing trailers.

Baker tells you what it is about trailer selection that can make or break your setup and gives you pointers on some of his favorite and most successful options. There’s a trick to choosing the right trailer for your circumstances, whether that be around vegetation, or piles of heavy structure.

Color selection is important, also, matching your choice to circumstances. Trailer hooks may be a touchy subject for some anglers, but Baker clues you in on a little secret that could mean a full live well for your return trip.

He also gives you some extra tips on other useful tools to keep around in your tackle box when working on customizing your chatterbaits.

Chatterbaits Gear & Tackle Selection


There can be major differences in gear and tackle selection depending upon your background and fishing location. Baker acknowledges he’s comfortable and successful with his way, but there are other successful philosophies, as well, including the credited master of the chatterbait, Brett Hite.

Baker details what he likes to put together and why, and then also shows you what Hite likes to grab, so you have options to choose from, complete with links to each item.

Popular Presentations for Chatterbaits

While he touched on presentation a bit earlier on, now Baker really dives into a few ways you can pattern bass with a vibrating jig. Everything you need to know (as promised) on how to nab bass with a vibrating jig right here.

He walks you through how to choose which technique to use, based on your circumstances. Sections here include: Skipping a Vibrating Jig, Fishing Chatterbaits Around Shallow Wood, and Ripping a Vibrating Jig Through Vegetation.

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Ideal Conditions To Throw Chatterbaits

You may have success throwing chatterbaits just about any time of the year, but there are certain times and conditions when the vibrating jig really shines. Learn how to be a discerning angler and choose your lure wisely. You’ll know exactly when to reach for your chatterbaits.

Chatterbait Takeaways

Baker sums it all up and puts things into perspective for you so you’re ready to go out there and toss those vibrating jigs with confidence. If you’re looking for a new technique to tackle this coming season, do yourself a favor and learn how to throw a chatterbait!

This article was contributed by an ANGLR Expert

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Shaye Baker


Shaye Baker started fishing with his dad in Alabama as soon as they could find a life jacket small enough to fit him. Competing with his father in local tournaments, Shaye quickly found a hunger for competitive bass fishing. He furthered his fishing career at Auburn University helping to establish the Auburn University Bass Fishing Club. While at Auburn, Shaye served as the President of the club and qualified to fish on the traveling team amassing six Top 5 finishes including two 3rd place finishes in consecutive FLW College Fishing National Championships. While beginning to dabble in the world of outdoor journalism, Shaye continued to fish semi-pro events finishing in the Top 5 in the Bassmaster Opens, FLW Costa Series and BFLs. Finding himself at a crossroads, Shaye chose to put down the rod and pick up the pen and camera to focus on his career in outdoor journalism. Shaye has had work featured in Bassmaster Magazine, FLW Outdoors Magazine, B.A.S.S.Times and the Japanese bass fishing magazine Basser. Shaye has also had work featured on ESPN and, and While working with B.A.S.S., Shaye initiated and spearheaded their GoPro division which brought more video coverage to the fans than had ever been done before in competitive fishing. After his tenure with some of the best companies in the business, Shaye identified a need for competitive fishing where participation didn’t cost a fortune. By founding UPLOADED, the Online Fishing Series, Shaye established a free tournament series where anglers could film their fish catches and upload their videos to compete against other anglers for prizes.

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