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ANGLR’s Bass Fishing Resource Center is your one-stop place for the low down on your favorite fish. Everything a dedicated bass angler needs to teach you bass fishing tips and tricks, giving you little known pointers, and finding ways to tweak your favorite techniques. Endless articles, podcasts, and videos right at your fingertips . . . all on bass!

One of the featured highlights of the site is the Bass Fishing For Beginners Series, an all inclusive tutorial taking you through everything you need to know to get started bass fishing . . . and then some! Beginners and experts, alike will be able to gain knowledge from ANGLR Expert, Jonathan Dietz. He shares his extensive understanding of the freshwater Micropterus species, giving you the upper hand on the water.

The series is divided into seven portions, each a collection of multiple chapters, covering topics like where bass like to hang out and their feeding habits, different lures, types of casts, and more. You certainly won’t suffer from a lack of facts and know-how when you’ve finished this series.

It’s setup such that you can travel through at your own pace, stopping and starting as you wish. When you’ve finished a set, you can choose to move on to the next chapter, or return back to the main Bass Resource page. And it’s always there, so there’s no worry about it disappearing on you just when you finally get time to sit down.

We’ll give you a sneak peek into this series, but don’t worry – we’ll give you just enough to leave you wanting more!

Part 1: Understanding Bass

Bass Fishing For Beginners(1)

Dietz takes you through everything you’ve ever wanted to know about bass behavior in Part 1 of the series. One of the peculiarities about these fish is that they are never the same, day-in and day-out. Learning to adapt to the fish is key to being a successful angler. Understanding fish behavior will help you adapt to the conditions and stay on top of the fish.

Key sections include:

How Bass Behave, where Dietz takes you through how and why the weather and water temperature affect bass through different times of the year. He discusses bass instincts and how that relates to what sort of choices you have to make out on the water: where to look and why you have different bait options.

What Bass Eat. We feel like this is a bit of a no-brainer. If we have to explain what can be found in this section, perhaps we have our work cut out for us. But seriously, this section goes beyond simply what sort of bait bass like to eat. Dietz explains why some jigs just seem to work anywhere you go.

Best Time of Day to Fish

It goes without saying that sometimes you have better “luck” than others. But is it really luck? There is more involved to catching fish than where the sun is sitting in relation to the horizon, and this section takes you through the how and why.

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Part 2: Bass Fishing Gear Basics

Part 2 walks you through the basics of everything you’ll need to have in your tackle box your first trip out on the water.

Key sections include:

Rod and Reel Setups

While these choices vary drastically between anglers, there are some basic principles you can apply to your early bassin’ days.

Line Setup

While there are tons of different line selections, Dietz explains the four basic varieties that will be your go-to choices starting out.

Terminal Tackle

Delving into detail on hook selection and care and choosing your weights before giving  you the rundown of the different types of heads and what they do, you’ll get the lowdown on what you need to know to get your leader set up and ready for business.

Part 3: Lures, Baits, and Rigs

In Part 3, there is a huge array of content on every type of bait you could possibly need on your line to get you started bassin’. This section is vast and takes you through seven different categories of baits, lures, and rigs, leaving you with a clear advantage over most anglers. It’s everything you need to know.

Key sections include:




Hard Baits

Swim Baits

Soft Plastics

Part 4: Where to Fish For Bass

Bass Fishing For Beginners(2)

In order to find the fish, Part 4 teaches you how to break down the water and find where the forage is, giving you the skills you need to fish in any water condition from ponds to challenging rivers. Dietz takes you through how to find the right location whether you’re out for a day on:




Tidal Fisheries

He spends time going through the different challenges of each, making sure that you know right where to set yourself up for the biggest success.

Part 5: Flipping vs. Pitching

While often confused with each other, Part 5 details why both pitching and flipping should be a staple in every angler’s arsenal. Divided into two key sections, you’ll find out what gear works best for each technique, as well as pointers on how you can master each, and why you should! Each style has its merits, so neither should be discounted.

Part 6: Jigs

Thought you were missing something in Part 3? Jigs is such a huge section, it merited it’s own Part 6. Jigs aren’t just for largemouths, so every bass angler should have a familiarity with each of these, and have multiples in their tackle box.

Intro to Bass Fishing Jigs

You’ll get a little background on the most common five different types of jigs: flipping jigs, structure jigs, swim igs, skipping jigs, and finesse jigs, looking at what makes them unique, and in what situation you’ll want to reach for each.

Jig Trailers

Just as important as you jig selection is the trailer that you put on the back. Dietz makes sure you have the knowledge to decide what type of trailer is going to work best; not only with your jig selection, but for the type of forage you’ll be fishing in.

Jig Colors

There’s no need to complicate things, so KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) can be applied here. There really is only need for a few jig colors, especially when you’re first starting out. You’ll learn exactly what those are, and in which situations each will do the best job for you.

Part 7: Spawning and Activity

Bass Fishing For Beginners(3)

The series is rounded out with Part 7, a lesson in bass activity throughout the year. The bass move from their wintering pattern into pre-spawn, but from there, a variety of things can happen, dictating the bass activity for the rest of the year.

Key sections include:







Whether you’re just getting into the realm of bass fishing, or are an avid angler looking to be sure you’re covering all of your bases, Bass Fishing for Beginners has everything you need to keep you holed up in your favorite structure – er, easychair – through the cold season, ready to hit the waters with success come spring.

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