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Introducing the ANGLR Bass Fishing Resource Center

Everything you’ve needed to up your game and better your skills. Right here. In one place.

Whether you’re just getting started bass fishing and could use some tips to point you in the right direction, or are an accomplished tournament angler looking to take things to the next level, we’ve got the place for you!

ANGLR’s Bass Fishing Resource Center provides all the resources you need in one convenient place. They’ve put all the quality learning tools you need to expand your knowledge together, all in one place. You’ll find in-depth articles written by experts with advice you can’t find anywhere else. There’s definitely something for everyone here.

Bass Fishing For Beginners Series

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The highlight of the Resource Center is the Bass Fishing for Beginners Series. It’s a seven part collection comprised of everything you absolutely need to know to get started on the right foot, whether you’re completely new to fishing, or have spent your time angling for other catches. Everything you need to know to get going happens right here. These guys take you from assembling the right gear to putting together the right techniques to make your first trip out as successful as possible.

Part 1: Understanding Bass Behavior

ANGLR Expert Jonathan Dietz takes you through everything you’ve ever wanted to know about bass behavior. He dives into how they’re affected by the weather and what motivates them before getting into what types of food they eat, which can help you to choose which type of bait to throw. He finishes off with some notes on figuring out when the best time to hit the water may be.

Part 2: Bass Fishing Gear Basics

In this section, Dietz takes us into what a bass anglers tackle box should hold. He details how to choose your rods, reels, and configure your setups and talks about not only choosing your hooks, but how to keep them functional and effective for a long time to come. Dietz goes into detail about terminal tackle; from how to choose and care for your hooks through choosing bait heads.

Part 3: Basic Lures, Baits, and Rigs

This section contains a vast array of content on every type of bait you could possibly need on your line when getting started bassin’. This section is vast and takes you through seven categories of baits, lures, and rigs, giving you a huge advantage over most anglers. All you need to know about jigs, topwater, rigs, spinnerbaits and chatterbaits, hard baits, swim baits, and soft plastics.

Part 4: Where to Fish For Bass

No matter where you decide to fish, Dietz is able to take you through how to find the right location of those fish in ponds, lakes, rives, and tidal fisheries. He teaches you how to break down the water and find where the forage is. He even gives you the skills you need to fish in challenging rivers and the knowledge you need to find success.

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Part 5: Flipping vs. Pitching

These two techniques, though often confused with each other, should be a staple in every angler’s arsenal. Dietz dives into how you can master these two techniques.

Part 6: Bass Fishing Jigs

This is a section so massive, it needed its own space. Since jigs aren’t just for large mouths, every bass angler should have a familiarity with these jigs: flipping jigs, structure jigs, swim jigs, skipping jigs, and finesse jigs.

Part 7: Bass Spawning and Activity

We round out this series with Dietz giving you a lesson in bass activity throughout the year. He takes you through movement from the wintering pattern into pre-spawn, and then through a variety of spawns that may occur, dictating the bass activity for the rest of the year.

Bass Fishing Tips and Tactics Series Bass Fishing Resource Center(2)

Not to be outdone by the exhaustive beginner series, Bass Fishing Tips and Tactics Series is an ever-expanding section dedicated to the more serious angler. Here is where you can turn when you’re ready to get down-and-dirty, nitty-gritty, delving deep into specific aspects of bass fishing.

For instance, in the section on Chatterbait: Master the Vibrating Jig, ANGLR Expert, Shaye Baker dives deep into an expert tutorial on these bladed jigs, from choosing a jig to matching your gear to your needs. Landing big hawgs with these jigs can be really fun and may just wind up becoming one of your favorite lures in the box!

Being a brand new endeavor, a few sections are up and running, and more in the pipeline, so you’ll have to keep checking back regularly to see what gets added!

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There’s More!?

But wait!

There’s more!

By now, you should be familiar with ANGLR’s extensive library of podcasts, videos, and articles. They focus on a variety of topics and species that span across North America. It’s well-worth a look, as they’re imbibed with a ton of terrific information for every angler, whether seasoned or new.

The Bass Resource Center has created its own little reading corner just for you bass heads. Of all of the really helpful articles and episodes you love, they’ve weeded out those pertaining just to bass. Every episode and article combined into one place, easy for you to find and open.

We’ve really created the perfect compliment to the ANGLR App and Bullseye with the Bass Resource Center. Everything you need to develop your knowledge and hone your skills is all right here. When it’s time to head for the water, you may not want to leave!

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