Bass Fishing New Hampshire

Bass Fishing New Hampshire: Top 5 Places for a Weekend Trip

New Hampshire and the rest of the Northeastern United States are often looked at as sub-par fishing destinations but year after year that increasingly becomes not the case. The fishing season in New Hampshire is shorter than many other parts of the country, thanks to our frigid winters. That being said, bass fishing New Hampshire offers some of the finest largemouth and smallmouth bass fishing in the Northeast. 

As a kayak angler, New Hampshire offers various bodies of water from large lakes to small ponds and swamps, all with their own pros and cons. If you’re a bass boat angler, you’ll find plenty of tournament options on Lake Winnipesaukee along with some of the largest fish in the state. The beauty of bass fishing New Hampshire is that often times the best fishing spots are the ones that no one has ever heard of, and with so many ponds and lakes, it’s easy to find a honey hole of your own. While I certainly haven’t fished every body of water that New Hampshire has to offer, I have some that I’d like to share with you. Here are my top 5 places for a weekend trip.

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Bass Fishing New Hampshire: Merrymeeting Lake

Merrymeeting lake is located in New Durham, New Hampshire and is easily one of my favorite fishing spots, mostly because of the water clarity. On calm, sunny days, it’s not uncommon to be able to see the bottom of this lake through 30-feet of water. This makes Merrymeeting lake one of my favorite places to throw a dropshot at deep Smallmouth Bass. 

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A majority of the shoreline is developed on this lake but despite that, it’s generally a kayak angler friendly body of water. In some places on this lake, you can be fifteen feet from shore and be in 30-plus feet of water. The clean water and deep lake bottom make this fishery a haven for Smallmouth bass.

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My personal best Smallmouth out of Merrymeeting lake is just shy of four and a half pounds.

Bass Fishing New Hampshire: Newfound Lake

Newfound lake is located in Grafton County, New Hampshire and happens to be another hotspot for Smallmouth Bass. This lake is another extremely clear body of water, making it a great habitat for fish to grow and thrive. In the early spring, Newfound lake can provide an epic day of fishing for Smallmouth that you’ll never forget.

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In writing this article, I’ve been trying my best to stay objective and not pick a favorite out of these spots but I have to say some of the best days of fishing I’ve ever had have taken place at Newfound Lake.

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Bass Fishing New Hampshire: Lake Winnipesaukee

It’s impossible to talk about fishing New Hampshire without bringing up Lake Winnipesaukee. This lake is easily New Hampshire’s most popular and as a result, is home to the most boat traffic. Along with the boat traffic, Winnipesaukee is large, which means when the wind picks up the conditions can become dangerous in a hurry.

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If you’re not intimidated by larger bodies of water, Winnipesaukee is definitely worth fishing. With this lake, there are so many spots to cover that you could fish it for years and still not cover everything. Just recently, a largemouth Bass was caught that weighed eight and a half pounds. Fish like that are always worth putting up with some windy conditions.

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Bass Fishing New Hampshire: Farmington Fish and Game – Club Pond

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Now based on the title, you might think fishing here is cheating, but the only thing stocked in this pond is trout. This little pond is open to the public and is home to some monster largemouth bass. My personal best coming out of this pond is over seven pounds. The challenging aspect of this pond is how heavily fished the banks are, giving kayakers and boaters a huge advantage. With substantial weed cover on the pond, this is a frog fisherman’s paradise!

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Despite being tiny, this pond is really challenging to fish. Due to the size of this pond, bass are constantly on the move and are rarely in the same spot from one day to the next. Be sure to bring your paddle for this place, pedal drives and motors don’t last long with all the weed cover.

Bass Fishing New Hampshire: Stumpfield Marsh

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Stumpfield Marsh is a truly unique body of water. Named after the amount of submerged stumps scattered all throughout the body of water, Stumpfield Marsh offers some of the best structure fishing in the state. Along with the stumps, a submerged road runs through the heart of the marsh providing another structure for bass to relate to. 

A word of caution to those with pedal drives and trolling motors, be careful. This Marsh is littered with hazards, but totally worth the stop.

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