Bagley Baits Pro Sunny B Twin Spin

Bagley Baits Pro Sunny B Twin Spin | A Topwater Bait for Explosive Strikes

For us, topwater is life. One explosive strike generated by a topwater bait is often all it takes to hook an angler on fishing for life. So anytime a new topwater shows up on our radar, we get a little excited. Enter the Bagley Baits Pro Sunny B Twin Spin Balsa Propbait. 

Taking bits and pieces from two of their flagship baits, the Bang-O-Lure and the Sunny B, Bagley has created a new beast in the Sunny B Twin Spin: a topwater prop bait with a taller profile better suited to match bream, bluegill, and some other baitfish.

Bagley Baits Pro Sunny B Twin Spin | Size Matters

Stalking shallow bass relating to bream is likely the first thing that comes to mind for most anglers upon seeing the Sunny B Twin Spin. This is a nice size bait with a solid contraction that can be thrown a considerable distance, which makes it perfect for targeting fish relating to bluegill beds. 

Bagley Baits Pro Sunny B Twin Spin(1)

But coming in at only 3-inches, the Sunny B Twin Spin will also shine during the fall bite when shad move shallow in extreme numbers. 

Often in the fall, the fish will respond well to walking style topwaters as well as buzzbaits. But the trick is to not overpower the fish. Instead, select a smaller topwater or a 1/4-ounce buzzbait

Bagley Baits Pro Sunny B Twin Spin | The Action

The size of the Sunny B Twin Spin makes it a perfect addition to the fall menu. And the action of the bait gives anglers a different offering to present to bass which, due to the overabundance of bait, can be a little picky. With a prop at each end and a top to bottom wobble, the Sunny B Twin Spin is definitely different.

Bagley Baits Pro Sunny B Twin Spin(2) 

And sometimes, a little difference goes a long way to cracking the fall fishing code. 

So whether you’re looking to capitalize on the lingering summer wolfpack bass in your area or you’re preparing for the fall fishing frenzy, the Bagley Baits Sunny B Twin Spin is definitely worth a look.

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