Bagley Baits Balsa Wake 1

Bagley Baits Balsa Wake 1 | A Wake Bait You Need

The fall is finally here and for many of us, that means it’s wake bait season. Though wake baits work year-round, a nice compact wake bait works extremely well in the fall when baitfish move shallow in droves. Having a bait that closely mimics the size of the shad present in the shallows is key. But if you can find a bait the right size that a bass doesn’t have to fully break the surface to eat, you may have stumbled onto pure gold.

Bagley Baits Balsa Wake 1 | What Sets It Apart

So when we came across the Bagley Balsa Wake 1 Wake Bait, we got a little excited. No matter how fast you crank the Wake 1, it’s not going any deeper than 1 foot. So the bait stays up high in the water column where the bass can see it, but they don’t have to break the surface to eat it. 

That’s important when fishing for schoolers and can make all the difference at times. 

Though schooling bass often give themselves away by breaking the surface, for every one fish that makes a visible boil there are likely a dozen more chasing bait below the surface. Using a wake bait to target schoolers gives you something different that is in the strike zone of not only the most aggressive fish, but also those who won’t quite commit to a topwater. 

Bagley Baits Balsa Wake 1 | The Details

Diving into the details of the Wake 1, it’s made from balsa wood like many of Bagley’s baits. So the bait is naturally more buoyant which helps keep it up on the retrieve. But, unlike any other company working in balsa, Bagley uses their exclusive Heat Compression Molding process to allow for a full wire harness front to back and to create channels for precision weighting. 

The result? A more durable, denser balsa wood bait with a better finish that can be thrown farther and fished harder than its competition in the rare wood market. Completed with a sharply angled bill to keep the bait high and help it ride over cover, the Bagley Balsa Wake 1 is a great tool to add to the arsenal asap. Check it out!

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