August MONSTERBASS Box | Tips and Tricks for Using the Baits in My August Box

This month, I received my August Northeast MONSTERBASS box and instead of doing a stereotypical unboxing, I’m going to run through my favorite way to use the baits I received.

Whether you’re new to fishing or have been chasing big bass for years, there’s always room for improvement. If you would rig anything differently, let me know in the comments section at the bottom of the article. 

This month’s box was a 100% topwater box, so every single bait in my box was for topwater bass fishing! Now, without further ado, let’s dive into the baits I received and some tips and tricks for rigging them.

August MONSTERBASS Box | Bait #1: Xcite Baits Pro Series Buzzfire


The first bait in my August box was the Xcite Baits pro series buzzfire. This 3/8th ounce buzzbait has some good weight to it so you’ll be able to make those long casts over grass flats or around laydowns without getting too close with your boat or yak and spooking the fish. 

I really like this buzzfire because of its massive blade. This will allow you to slow-roll the bait across the surface of the water, keeping the bait in the strike zone longer and really creating some commotion on the surface. 

I’d recommend throwing this buzzbait on a heavy braided line, around 50-pounds. You can get away with a fairly heavy monofilament line as well, but whichever you choose, be sure it’s floating line. You can throw this buzzbait on a 7” Medium-Heavy rod like the 13 Fishing Fate with a fast tip and a reel in a 7.1:1 gear ratio like the 13 Fishing Concept A2

August MONSTERBASS Box | Bait #2: MONSTERBASS Patriot 2.0


My next bait was the MONSTERBASS Patriot 2.0. This spook style topwater bait is the newest version from MONSTERBASS. Many of you who have had a subscription for a while had probably received the first version about a year ago. 

The 2.0 is new and improved. With a sleeker design and weight transfer system, this bait can be bombed out for long casts and retrieved incredibly slow with a ‘walk the dog’ style retrieve. For the best action, ensure that you have some slackline while twitching, this will allow the bait to stay in the strike zone longer and drive the bass crazy with some epic back and forth action.

I’d recommend throwing a rod with a moderate tip to help with the ‘walk the dog’ retrieve. A 7’ rod is standard for spook style baits as you want to keep the tip of your rod just above the surface of the water.  

August MONSTERBASS Box | Bait #3: Booyah Toadrunner


The Booyah Toadrunner is an extremely unique frog I received in my August box. With a super small hollow body frog profile, you’d think this bait already has a lot going for it to help it stand out in a crowd, but then the folks at Booyah decided to step it up and add a kicker tail! 

This tail reminds me of a paddle tail swimbait, but since they’ve rigged it on a swivel, it will have a crazy churning action while you retrieve this frog. 

Throw it in pads, overtop of lightly matted vegetation, or even along the banks in open water and get ready for some epic topwater strikes!

August MONSTERBASS Box | Bait #4: Hendricks Custom Frog

The next bait is a custom frog from a small company here in Pennsylvania. The first thing I noticed about these frogs was the incredibly soft material used. This will allow the fish to grab the frog and hold on while you sit back and set the hook! 

It’s got a sleek design on the front to help it glide across the surface using whatever retrieve you prefer! Whether you ‘walk the dog’, straight retrieve, or pop the frog using a 2-3 second cadence, this Hendricks custom frog is going to have great action and elicit some sweet strikes!

August MONSTERBASS Box | Bait #5: Basshik Big Anthony 2.5


The Basshik Big Anthony 2.5 was the popper style lure featured in this month’s box! As someone who’s fished in the Northeast for years, poppers are a great way to fish topwater with more of a finesse presentation! 

The Big Anthony 2.5 is no exception. One thing that I noticed with this popper was the cupped lip. It’s different than most I’ve seen as it’s not as deep, which means you’ll be able to push a TON of water while popping this bait. It can also be fished using the same ‘walk the dog’ technique as a spook but with some different action on the surface. 

Personally, I prefer to throw my poppers on a spinning setup. I’d recommend a 6’8” rod with a 2500 sized reel spooled up with a 30-pound braid. If the water is clear, put on a 10-12 pound monofilament leader and you’re set! 

August MONSTERBASS Box | Bait #6: Z-Man Pop Frogz


The last topwater bait I received in this month’s box was some Z-Man Pop Frogz! These soft plastic style baits made of the famous Elaztech material will last you all day! When the bite gets tough, slowing down with a smaller pop frog like this can be the ticket! 

I chose to rig these baits weightless and weedless so you can fish them literally anywhere! Whether it’s in pads, in thick matted vegetation, or around laydowns, you’ll come through cover effectively while giving the bass plenty of time to unload on your Pop Frog!

August MONSTERBASS Box | Terminal Tackle: Kitana Hooks

The hooks I chose to rig my Pop Frogz with also came in this months box! These Kitana OWG 6/0 hooks will be perfect for this application. They were sharp right out of the package and have an awesome gap which will allow you to peg the bass and not let it fight off! 

August MONSTERBASS Box | Fishing Line: K9 Flourocarbon


The final item in my August MONSTERBASS box was some K9 Flourocarbon in 12-pound test. Like I said in the video, I probably won’t be using this in my topwater applications, however, it’s some great line to use for shaky heads, dropshots, and a variety of other applications!

If you’re looking for a great way to improve your bass fishing arsenal this season, check out the regional subscription boxes from MONSTERBASS. Get baits that will work in your area delivered directly to your door. 

MONSTERBASS June Unboxing(9)

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