13 Fishing Jabber Jaw | A Breakdown of the NEW Jabber Jaw

It’s rare to see true innovation these days in the fishing industry. Most new products are slight tweaks of other products and that’s just the name of the game with so many companies involved in fishing now. But 13 Fishing likes to break that mold, time and time again. And they’ve done it once more with their new Jabber Jaw 60

What is the 13 Fishing Jabber Jaw?

A hybrid between a squarebill and a vibrating jig, the Jabber Jaw takes two proven baits and repackages them into something unique. The bill of the Jabber Jaw is metal instead of plastic like you’ll see on most other squarebills. It’s also made to pivot as the bait comes through the water column, creating a similar sound to a vibrating jig

To emphasize that vibrating jig like sound, 13 Fishing chose to remove all rattles from the design of this bait and add metal cheeks for the bill to hammer against as it pendulums side to side. This creates a really nasty knock and something entirely different from what we’ve seen from crankbaits in the past. 

What Makes the 13 Fishing Jabber Jaw so Effective?

Vibrating jigs are notoriously hazardous when fished through shallow woody cover like lay downs and brush piles. Worming a squarebill through this type of shallow cover has been the main go-to for a lot of anglers in the past who didn’t want to risk hanging up a vibrating jig. But now, you get the action and fishability of a crankbait and the drawing power of a vibrating jig, and that’s why this bait excites us so much. 

Rock, wood, grass, clear water and muddy, cold water in particular: we’re excited to try the new Jabber Jaw in all sorts of different scenarios and that alone is what makes it a great bait right away. The excitement it instills. 

After all, that’s what fishing is all about, isn’t it?

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