13 Fishing Concept C Review

13 Fishing Concept C Review | A Breakdown of the Concept C Gen II

There are hundreds of options for baitcasting reels on the market today. With all of the options available, it can be tough to dial in which ones will pull their weight in bass. If you’re looking for a light and reliable reel that’ll last you for years, look no further than the 13 Fishing Concept C.

13 Fishing Concept C Review

The Concept C Gen II is the latest and greatest from 13 Fishing. Yes, it’s full of all the features you’ve come to expect from 13 Fishing like their Arrow Head Line Guide and KeepR Integrated Hook Keeper, but the Concept C Gen II doesn’t stop there. 

This reel comes in at an astonishing 5.89 ounces thanks to new material advancements. Using a Cast Iron Carbon material, the Concept C Gen II pushes the boundaries in pursuit of a reel that is capable of standing up to any conditions. The new Ti-Armor Aluminum drive gear is also 3 times as resistant to environmental wear. 

With right-hand models available in 4 gear ratios ranging from 5.6:1 to 8.3:1 and 3 left-hand models from 6.8:1 to 8.3:1, there’s a Concept C Gen II to suit any angler’s needs. The Low Friction 6-Way Braking System and a stout 25 pound Bull Dog Drag System ensure that you’ll be able to cast any bait smoothly and battle any fish with ease. 

The Beetle Wing Rapid Access Side Plate puts even more adjustments quickly at the tip of your fingers. Try out the 13 Fishing Concept C Gen II for yourself and see what all the hype is about.

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