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How to Catch Gag Grouper

As the coastal water temperature drops through the fall and winter, the Florida fishing scene starts to wane a bit, but there’s still plenty of fish to be caught. You just need to alter where you’re looking. Gag grouper can be a blast to catch, and learning how to catch gag grouper is easier than […]

Winter Surf Fishing – Tips From The Shore

If you live within easy distance of the ocean, chances are, you already enjoy the exhilarating fun of surf fishing through the warm seasons. But winter can be one of the best times to fish the surf. Less people jamming the beaches means more elbow room for you to stretch out and lay out your […]

How to Catch Speckled Trout With North Carolina Guide Tyler Barnes

General Info About Speckled Trout Speckled Trout are a saltwater species found in the southern United States along the coasts of the Gulf of Mexico and along the Atlantic Ocean. This predatory species is similar to that of a  freshwater Walleye. This predatory species is similar to that of a freshwater Walleye. Just check out […]