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Fayette County Reservoir – Bass Fishing Warm Water Discharge Lakes

Warm water discharges are known to attract bass in the winter just like cool water creeks attract bass in the summer. There are areas on lakes and rivers where warm water discharges from factories and water treatment plants affect the water temperature near them. But then there are extreme cases where entire fisheries are influenced […]

5 Alabama Rig Tips to Put More Fish in the Boat with Tyler Anderson

Tyler Anderson can attest to the effectiveness of the umbrella rig, especially in the winter months. During the winter months, the bass fishing can be slow and daunting, but an Alabama Rig can change that feeling entirely. So, without further delay, here are 5 Alabama Rig tips from Tyler to help you up your umbrella […]

What It Takes To Become A Fishing YouTuber: Tyler’s Story

Throughout my entire life, I have been a fisherman. Whether it was off of the dock or out of my Skeeter, I have always been chasing that next bite. Somewhere along the way, I decided that I wanted to get more into filming and editing some of my fishing adventures, so I started a YouTube […]