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Kayak Fishing for Bass with Nolan Minor

We caught up with ANGLR Expert, Nolan Minor, right after he finished up a day of kayak fishing for bass. He’s interested in helping YOU learn the ropes of kayak fishing for bass. If you enjoy the peace and quiet of bass fishing with a few friends, without the added hassle of a big bass boat to […]

Steelhead Fishing with ANGLR Expert Nolan Minor

While everyone has a few crazy fishing tales to tell, steelhead fishing in the tributaries of Lake Erie in the fall seems to really draw an interesting crowd. So much so, that these anglers wind up a sort of combat, fishing shoulder to shoulder. ANGLR Expert, Nolan Minor had a few fun tales to tell […]

Fishing for Steelhead with ANGLR Expert Nolan Minor

In the corner of northwest Pennsylvania lies the next best thing to a vast ocean: one of the Great Lakes, Lake Erie. With its almost tidal surf and vast, dark, deep waters, it’s an angler’s dream. From roaming schools of smallmouth, giant walleye, and the hard fighting steelhead, Lake Erie has a species for any […]