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KBF Southeast Region Trail Event On Lake Chickamauga Recap

Featured Image Credit: Scott Beutjer Fishing 122 anglers registered on TourneyX for the June 15th KBF Southeast Region Trail event with the hopes of catching some of the legendary bass from Lake Chickamauga. The tournament was co-sponsored by TVKA and KBFTN, two Tennessee kayak clubs, and allowed kayak anglers to launch from any public access […]

Kayak Fishing Crate Recommendations | Top 5 Crates for Kayak Anglers

Featured Image Credit: Scott Beutjer Fishing Kayak fishing crate options is one of those areas where I am biased. Having started with a home modified milk crate, moving to an Engel cooler for my Hobie PA14 and finally adding an H-crate on my Outback was a series of personal choices that I feel were best […]

Why Anglers Prefer Kayak Fishing in a Sit on Top Kayak

Featured Image Credit: Scott Beutjer Fishing My first exposure to kayaks was as a young boy in Alaska as they educated us on the lifestyles of the Eskimo hunting for whales. These kayaks were typically constructed by creating a frame from whalebone or lightweight wood, then stretching the skin over this frame and sealing it […]

KBF Central Regional Trail and Pro Series at Lake St. Clair

The KBF Central Region Trail and Pro Division event on Lake St. Clair was held May 25, 2019 out of the St. Clair Metropark in Harrison Township, Michigan. It did not take over ninety inches to make the top twenty like it did in 2018, but it didn’t disappoint. The winning lengths fell short of […]

Kayak Fishing Tournaments | What You Need to Get Started

So it’s time to get started into your new adventure, your first of many kayak fishing tournaments! Let’s run through our checklist: Kayak; check. A paddle if it is not a pedal kayak; check. A rod and reel; check. A PFD; check Well, now you are ready… except there is just one more thing. Enough […]

The Value of the ANGLR Electronic Fishing Journal to Kayak Anglers

It wasn’t that long ago that I had no idea what ANGLR was about, or even that it was an electronic fishing journal. I saw buttons on people’s hats or lanyards with the name, but felt it was either anglers with a secret the rest of us were not a part of, or some branded […]

Selecting the Right Kayak Fishing Rod Holder for Your Kayak

Featured Image Credit: Anthony Shingler Out of curiosity, I created a Facebook poll for the members of the Clarksville Area Kayak Fishing group to see how many guys use a kayak fishing rod holder while bass fishing. Definitely not a statistically representative sampling, but since I only use them to hold rods I am not […]

Tournament Kayak Setup: Developing the Layout to Fit Your Needs

It is tournament day and your kayak loaded with gear is in the water. There are still five minutes until the official launch…one final check is in process. The tournament kayak setup mental list playing; phone/camera in the right pocket of my NRS Chinook, Ketch measuring board attached with a lanyard, Diet Pepsi, snacks, water, […]

Kayak Tackle Storage Options for the Avid Kayak Bass Fisherman

First of all, bass fishing is bass fishing. There seems to be some misconception that fishing from a kayak is dramatically different than fishing from a 20-foot fiberglass boat. Granted, we cannot run at 60 mph but since a fish isn’t racing around the water at that speed; do we need to?  Today’s kayaks are […]