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How To Land More Bass | Grae Buck’s Bass Fishing Tips

October 1, 2019 I recently had a co-angler lose a 5-plus-pound smallmouth in an Oneida Lake tournament. Afterward, he asked me, “Why did that happen, and what could I have done differently?” They’re both good questions. The answers can help you put more fish in the boat when money is on the line … literally. […]

2019 Bassmaster Eastern Open: Oneida Lake Recap

Featured Image Credit: James Overstreet ANGLR Expert Grae Buck is on cloud 9 right now and rightfully so. Last week in the 2019 Bassmaster Eastern Open on Oneida Lake, Buck punched his ticket to the 2020 Bassmaster Classic to be held on Lake Guntersville. We sat down with Buck to discuss how his event unfolded.  […]