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College Bass Fishing: Everything You Need to Know… All in One Place

Though the first college bass fishing tournament happened back in 1992 between Purdue University and Indiana University, it’s taken a little while for the sport to catch on. But boy, has it ever! Collegiate anglers have seen a huge boost in activity over the past 10 years, and thankfully that trend seems to only be […]

ANGLR’s Best Fishing Apps Guide: Find Your Fishing Apps Stack!

If you’re not already aware, there is a way better way to keep track of your outings than to come home and jot your catch data down on your old high school style notebook. Fishing Apps are the way to go. By having the opportunity plan out your trips by looking at weather forecasts and […]

Introducing ANGLR Premium Maps [Get FREE Early Access Now]

We just released eight new Premium maps in addition to our free Satellite and Topographic maps. These include maps like Live Weather Radar, NOAA Nautical Charts, and Great Lakes Contour. How to Get Early Access to Premium Maps Download the latest version of the ANGLR app Create account or login and Go to FishMode In FishMode, […]

How the Bullseye Allows For Hands Free Fishing Trip Tracking

Fishermen love to figure out patterns. Well, maybe it’s not so much about the puzzle solving as it is about finding tricks that help you land more fish.  Figuring out the puzzle requires collecting the pieces – the data – throughout your trips. But that’s not so easy with conventional methods. What if we told […]

6 SUP Fishing Essentials for the Serious Angler

Written by Editor Jason Paul of No matter how you fish, having the right gear can make the difference between bringing home a nice haul of fish and walking back to shore after a frustrating, unsuccessful day. When it comes to SUP fishing, having the right fishing rig is even more important. Unlike people […]

5 Things To Do In the Fishing Offseason

For some, there is no fishing offseason! Those lucky enough to live down south find themselves on the water through all times of the year. We know many avid anglers that find ways to chase their favorite catches through the ice. Some elect to pick a new species to go after in the winter months […]

Building Your Own Custom Fishing Rod With RODgeeks

Featured Image Credit: Billy Vivona What may seem like a lost art to some anglers, is merely a way of life for others. Whether it’s custom lures, handmade jigs, or custom fishing rod building, anglers have always found a way to put their own personal touch on fishing gear. When it comes to building a custom […]

Bass Fishing For Beginners Launch Page

ANGLR’s Bass Fishing Resource Center is your one-stop place for the low down on your favorite fish. Everything a dedicated bass angler needs to teach you bass fishing tips and tricks, giving you little known pointers, and finding ways to tweak your favorite techniques. Endless articles, podcasts, and videos right at your fingertips . . […]

FLW College Series 2019 Changes: Tournaments During Weekdays?

FLW College Series Background On Saturday January 17, 2009 down in Texas, Tarleton State’s John Anderson and Tanner Morgan weighed in a 6 bass limit for 29lbs, 13oz to claim the victory in the very first FLW College event. Since then, the FLW college series has grown and prospered into a massive resource for collegiate […]

Introducing the ANGLR Bass Fishing Resource Center

Everything you’ve needed to up your game and better your skills. Right here. In one place. Whether you’re just getting started bass fishing and could use some tips to point you in the right direction, or are an accomplished tournament angler looking to take things to the next level, we’ve got the place for you! […]