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Shaye Baker’s Guide to Bass Fishing Technology

With all of the technology that’s out there geared towards bass anglers, along changes and improvements being made, it’s really difficult to keep up with everything! Do you need the latest flashy bells and whistles? What works best and what do you need to be the most effective angler? ANGLR’s Bass Fishing Technology: The Most […]

Frog Fishing: An In-Depth Look at Fishing a Frog

One of the most effective ways to land bass is by frog fishing. But there are so many different types, styles, and techniques, it may be a bit overwhelming. ANGLR Expert Shaye Baker breaks it all down for you in ANGLR’s next installment of our ever-expanding Resource Center, the place to go for everything you […]

Flipping Jigs Around Reeds for Florida Largemouth

Flipping jigs in Florida is a little different than anywhere else. For starters, you’re fishing in nasty cover for monster bass. So the jig you’re flipping needs to be a hoss. A big hook, double weedguard, heavyweight hoss. The one I use is made by a guy by the name of Joe Medlock down in […]