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Megabass Magdraft | Megabass Swimbait Fishing With Chris Zaldain

There are fewer specialists these days touring the larger bass fishing tournament trails than in previous decades. There was a time when the Denny Brauers and Tommy Biffles of the world made a good living with one rod on the deck. In both their cases, a flipping stick. For others it may have been a […]

Jerkbait Fishing for Post-Spawn Bass with Chris Zaldain

Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Chris Zaldain is one of the most proficient anglers in the world at jerkbait fishing. We sat down with Zaldain to talk about what changes he makes to adapt a jerkbait to post-spawn bass fishing. What’s the Difference Between Jerkbait Fishing in the Post-Spawn Versus the Pre-Spawn? In the pre-spawn when […]

Wacky Rig | How to Fish a Wacky Rig with Bassmaster Elite Chris Zaldain

A wacky rig is perhaps the most subtle, natural, and non-invasive presentation we have at our disposal as anglers. One of the best to ever employ a wacky rig is Bassmaster Elite Series pro Chris Zaldain. We sat down with Zaldain and had him give us an in-depth look at his wacky rig setup and […]

Early Post Spawn Bass Fishing with Bassmaster Elite John Crews

Post-spawn fishing in notoriously tough. The bass have just come off the beds and are exhausted. With their sole focus on resting and recuperating, they often times refuse to bite if it requires much energy at all. Elite Series pro, John Crews, steps in to help us breakdown the early post-spawn, where to look first, […]

Dropshot vs Shaky Head: How to Know When to Use Each

Likely the two most popular finesse techniques for bass, the dropshot vs shaky head have a lot in common. Both are commonly rigged with the same baits on very similar gear. The two usually weigh about the same and are used to target a lot of the same fish. But there’s one key difference that […]

Baitcaster vs Spinning Reels: Selecting the Right Setup

I was raised under the tutelage of a straight power-fisherman. My father didn’t own a spinning rod. So, when it came time to step up from the Zebco 33, the more traditional next step of a spinning reel was absent and I was handed a baitcaster. I’m not complaining. I certainly have a huge advantage […]

Swimming a Jig in Shoreline Vegetation For Big Bass

Across much of the country, you’ll find a lot of lakes with shoreline vegetation. This stuff looks good, but it usually all looks good. There will often be miles and miles of water-willow, hydrilla, coontail, milfoil, dollar-lilies, lily pads and the list goes on. The problem? All too often, there’s way too much of this […]

How to Throw a Neko Rig with Brandon Palaniuk

A lot of hot new techniques and baits come and go. A quick flash in the pan and then we’re on to the next thing. One technique that’s gotten a lot of attention in recent years is the Neko Rig, but it doesn’t seem to be losing traction. If anything, its gaining in popularity as […]