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Selecting the Right Bass Fishing Lures: Jigs vs Texas Rigs

In bass fishing, there are several baits and techniques that can be hard to distinguish from one another. In this piece we are going to look at two such baits: a jig and Texas rig. Whether you’re pitching shallow cover or fishing offshore, these two baits can be used to target some of the same […]

How to Use Spinnerbaits: Slow Rolling a Spinnerbait

As bass anglers, we are always looking for new ways to get bit. A spinnerbait is one of those lures that have been around for decades now, and has even been surpassed by new age techniques like chatterbaits, but can still produce some great days on the water. If you’re wondering how to use spinnerbaits, […]

Shaye Baker’s Guide to Bass Fishing Technology

With all of the technology that’s out there geared towards bass anglers, along changes and improvements being made, it’s really difficult to keep up with everything! Do you need the latest flashy bells and whistles? What works best and what do you need to be the most effective angler? ANGLR’s Bass Fishing Technology: The Most […]

Big Swimbaits Catch Big Bass: Brandon Palaniuk’s Big Swimbait Overview

Brandon Palaniuk is nothing if not a student of the game of bass fishing. As you’ll find with most anglers at the top of their game, he has a desire to learn and incorporate every style of fishing into his repertoire, even big swimbaits. Hardcore tournament fisherman aren’t usually hardcore big bait fisherman. But Palaniuk […]

Frog Fishing: An In-Depth Look at Fishing a Frog

One of the most effective ways to land bass is by frog fishing. But there are so many different types, styles, and techniques, it may be a bit overwhelming. ANGLR Expert Shaye Baker breaks it all down for you in ANGLR’s next installment of our ever-expanding Resource Center, the place to go for everything you […]

2018 College Fishing: Bethel University’s Cody Huff and Garrett Enders

Featured Image Credit: BASS/Ronnie Moore The 2018 college fishing season is one ANGLR Experts Cody Huff and Garrett Enders will look back on fondly for years to come, though it nearly wasn’t. Huff and Enders comprise a two-man fishing team that represents Bethel University’s Bass Team. At the end of May, the duo set out on […]

Flipping Jigs Around Reeds for Florida Largemouth

Flipping jigs in Florida is a little different than anywhere else. For starters, you’re fishing in nasty cover for monster bass. So the jig you’re flipping needs to be a hoss. A big hook, double weedguard, heavyweight hoss. The one I use is made by a guy by the name of Joe Medlock down in […]

How to Throw a Shallow Square Bill Crankbait in Cold Water

Fishing a shallow square bill crankbait around wood in the wintertime is one of the best ways to break down cold, shallow water. As water temps drop into the forties, the bite slows drastically and a lot of anglers put down their power-fishing gear and abandon shallow water altogether. Contrary to popular belief, bass stay […]