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How to Throw a Shallow Square Bill Crankbait in Cold Water

Fishing a shallow square bill crankbait around wood in the wintertime is one of the best ways to break down cold, shallow water. As water temps drop into the forties, the bite slows drastically and a lot of anglers put down their power-fishing gear and abandon shallow water altogether. Contrary to popular belief, bass stay […]

Chatterbaits: An In-Depth Guide to a Bass Catching Machine

For some new anglers, using chatterbaits may seem a bit difficult. There are certain techniques involved, right? If you’ve ever considered trying one but felt that you weren’t really sure which one to choose, or that you didn’t really know how to get it going just right and what technique to use, you’re not alone. For […]

Cold Water Crankbaits: Fishing a Finesse Crankbait in the Winter

Wintertime cranking is one of those things most people don’t really want to do, but you still need to know how to do. That being said, a few people love it. But even taking myself, for instance, it’s not my favorite. First off, it works best in the coldest, most miserable conditions and the bite […]