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Five 13 Fishing Baits Built for Fall Bass Fishing

As the fall ramps up, the water temps are cooling down. Fish are spread out from 20-feet deep on structure to 6-inches deep chasing bait. Then there’s also a large portion of the population suspended over deep water chasing hoards of baitfish. You need to be versatile this time of year and keep the fish […]

Bagley Baits Balsa Wake 1 | A Wake Bait You Need

The fall is finally here and for many of us, that means it’s wake bait season. Though wake baits work year-round, a nice compact wake bait works extremely well in the fall when baitfish move shallow in droves. Having a bait that closely mimics the size of the shad present in the shallows is key. […]

13 Fishing Fate V3 | Review and Breakdown

The 13 Fishing Fate V3 is here to stay. A fantastic offering for anyone in the market for a high quality, more affordable rod. With 11 models priced around $100, the Fate V3 lineup gives you a rod with the guts and the trimmings of one sold at twice its price point. Let’s dive into […]

13 Fishing Jabber Jaw | A Breakdown of the NEW Jabber Jaw

It’s rare to see true innovation these days in the fishing industry. Most new products are slight tweaks of other products and that’s just the name of the game with so many companies involved in fishing now. But 13 Fishing likes to break that mold, time and time again. And they’ve done it once more […]