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Kayak Anchors | The Top 3 Options for Kayak Anchors

Featured Image Credit: Scott Beutjer Fishing One of the biggest advantages to fishing from a kayak is the opportunity to fish spots that boats cannot reach. While this is a big advantage, kayaks also tend to be more susceptible to any wind that may be in the area. When sight-fishing it’s essential that your kayak […]

Fishing Kayak Selection | Buy the Right Fishing Kayak for You

Featured Image Credit: Scott Beutjer Fishing Selecting the right fishing kayak is a big decision and can be really intimidating. As kayaks continue to gain popularity, there have never been more options to choose from. If you’ve been looking at kayaks for long, you know that there are all kinds of videos and reviews out […]

Kayak Fishing Paddle | What to Look for in a Kayak Fishing Paddle

Featured Image Credit: Scott Beutjer Fishing Often times when anglers make a kayak purchase, they overlook the second most important accessory, the paddle. Now, paddles aren’t always the most exciting piece of gear to purchase but it can make a major difference while out on the water. When you consider how much you use a […]

Kayak Fishing Tips | Adam Rourke’s Top 5 Kayak Fishing Tips

As kayak anglers, we’re constantly hearing plenty of kayak fishing tips… but not all of them are in our best interest. A kayak fishing tip may work well for one angler and not for the next, keep that in mind as you read through my top 5 kayak fishing tips! Kayak Fishing Tip #1: Fish […]

Kayak Fishing PFD | The Best 3 Options for Kayak Fishing PFD’s

Featured Image Credit: Scott Beutjer Fishing Like many things in kayak fishing, the best choice of a kayak fishing PFD (personal floatation device) is subjective and varies for each angler. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you wear one. Many anglers think that they’ll just swim to shore if […]

Kayak Fishing Accessories | The Top 5 Accessories You Need

Featured Image Credit: Scott Beutjer Fishing Choosing your kayak fishing accessories is easily one of the most fun and interesting aspects of the sport. As companies continue to innovate and release new products, there are plenty of kayak fishing accessories on the market that make the life of an angler much easier. Here’s my top […]

How to Fish a Chatterbait From a Kayak

One of the first things a kayak angler will hear from other anglers, is that fishing from a kayak is riddled with limitations and disadvantages. As kayaks continue to advance, this is becoming less and less the case. Even before kayaks became extremely stable fishing platforms, there have been a few presentations that are well […]

A Basic Guide to Kayak Fishing Nets

Kayak fishing nets aren’t always the first thing that comes to mind when deciding how to outfit your kayak or prepare for a day of fishing, but they play a major role in landing fish. When you speak with other anglers, you’ll most likely hear mixed results around if they use a net or not. […]

Fishing From a Kayak for Beginners

Fishing from a kayak presents a more approachable and affordable way to get out on the water. With the sport growing in popularity, so too is the selection of kayaks. Below are some key considerations to keep in mind when selecting your first kayak and how you can rig it. Fishing From a Kayak for […]