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How to Improve After a Trip with ANGLR

One of my favorite things about the ANGLR app and accessories, specifically the Bullseye, is just how versatile the combination can be. ANGLR puts powerful tools and information at the fingertips of anglers. The best part, everyone uses the app and information differently and I find it really fascinating. All of that being said, here’s […]

How to Measure and Submit Bass in a Kayak Tournament

One of the most overlooked challenges when it comes to competing in kayak fishing tournaments, is measuring and photographing your fish. Catching a fish is only half the battle in the Catch, Photograph, and Release (CPR) format.  Without fail, after every kayak fishing tournament, there will be an angler sharing the tale of a tragic […]

Fish Bump Board | The Top 3 Kayak Measuring Boards

When kayak fishing tournaments started using the Catch, Photo, Release (CPR) format, a consistent and accurate kayak measuring board was needed. In the early days, the main fish bump board used was the Hawg Trough. The Hawg Trough was great; it was light, cheap, and reliable.  As tournaments progressed and expanded, other options have arrived […]