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How to Fish a Chatterbait From a Kayak

One of the first things a kayak angler will hear from other anglers, is that fishing from a kayak is riddled with limitations and disadvantages. As kayaks continue to advance, this is becoming less and less the case. Even before kayaks became extremely stable fishing platforms, there have been a few presentations that are well […]

A Basic Guide to Kayak Fishing Nets

Kayak fishing nets aren’t always the first thing that comes to mind when deciding how to outfit your kayak or prepare for a day of fishing, but they play a major role in landing fish. When you speak with other anglers, you’ll most likely hear mixed results around if they use a net or not. […]

Fishing From a Kayak for Beginners

Fishing from a kayak presents a more approachable and affordable way to get out on the water. With the sport growing in popularity, so too is the selection of kayaks. Below are some key considerations to keep in mind when selecting your first kayak and how you can rig it. Fishing From a Kayak for […]