Challenge Winners

GillTek Challenge Winner

Three lucky winners won prize packages consisting of: 2-Structure Jigs, 2-Swim Jigs, and a Free Hat

1. @LordVader03
2. @miker110161
3. @Brauchle10

Irod Challenge Winner

Three lucky winners received a 40% off code for their next iRod purchase and a free t-shirt!

1. @KoKoNuT
2. @lilbitkris

Accu-Cull Challenge Winner

Three lucky winners will receive an Accu-Cull prize package consisting of an RTIC Cup, Buff, Arm Sleeves, 2 All-In-Ones, and 2 Grip Savers!

1. @DrewbiesFishing
2. @VassFishing
3. @TnTygger

13 Fishing Summer Heat Challenge Winner

A $100 gift card from 13 Fishing!

1. @DumbFisherman

July Vibe Owners Challenge Winner

A $150 gift card from Vibe Kayaks!

1. @flcatchandrelease

MB July Challenge Winner


1. @Razorklaw

Bass Fishing Dads Challenge Winners

Bass Fishing Dads is offering up a $25 Gift Card for Zee Bait Co, a Line Cutterz Ring, a Flatmount and Zipper Pull combo pack, a $25 Gift Card for Galida’s Grubz and a Stealth Rod Holder.

1. @jesswoah183
2. @TheFox
3. @Dnuggetz

Extreme Outdoorsmen Challenge Winners

Dylan Grubb is offering up a Lews Speed Spool Baitcasting Reel, an Amphibiaeyewear Glasses (of choice) or a Lews Mach crush baitcasting combo!

1. @jbsilk
2. @donnybass
3. @TBfishgod

Do-It Molds Challenge Winners

Do-It Molds is offering up One Soft Bait Start-Up Kit and one ES 5″ Senko Mold per winner!

1. @bgoesch8
2. @BillyWash
3. @TheRealNoahD

Line Cutterz Challenge Winners

Line Cutterz is offering up a Line Cutterz Ceramic Blade Zipper Pull/Lanyard, a Line Cutterz Ceramic Blade Peel & Stick Flat Mount cutter or a Line Cutterz Green Carbon Fiber Ring.

1. @WalleyeBry
2. @agilliland
3. @VenAngler

TRCcovers Challenge Winners

TRCcovers is offering up two awesome prize packs! A TRCcovers Pro Pack and an ANGLR Bundle pack!

1. @joshowens863_kayakfishin
2. @Dnuggetz

Paddle N’ Fin Challenge Winners

Paddle N’ Fin is offering up three awesome prize packs!

1. @castinstork
2. @SmallJawDoll
3. @OutlawArcher

Frog Eaters BLOW-UP Challenge Winners

Frog Eaters is offering up three awesome frog prize packs!

1. @oofer
3. @Jrock52766

The Bizz Challenge Winners

Bizz Baits is offering up three awesome prize packs: Bizz Baits T-Shirt, Koozie, Sticker, and 3 packs of baits (2 normal and a Transition pack).

1. @casperdsj
2. @gtool97
3. @1138

Yoloteking Challenge Winners

YOLOtek is giving away three big time prizes: PowerStick 53 ProKit ($250 value), PowerStick 53 Bundle ($170 value), PowerStick 20 Bundle ($100 value).

1. @DanMulder83
2. @cfishcatchfish
3. @bullzyak

Missile Baits Challenge Winners

Win a $25 gift card from Missile Baits!

1. @NoVaBass703
2. @Astephy
3. @BCallis

Serious Angler Podcast Challenge Winner

Win your very own episode on the Serious Angler Podcast!

1. @Colmax

Bucketmouth Challenge Winners

Win a Bucketmouth Brand hoodie, a personalized Brag Board and a Monster Bucket tee-shirt or tanktop!

1. @lars320
2. @VenAngler
3. @rass

Lowrance Elite Ti2 Challenge Winner

A Lowrance Elite Ti2 7″ Unit!

1. @knuckleskenny

MONSTERBASS Go Catch 20 Challenge Winners

A huge shop discount from ANGLR and $250 worth of gear baits from MONSTERBASS!

1. @rcc.carmen
2. @WildChild
3. @TrentErrett

Bagley LEGENDARY Challenge Winners

14 lucky anglers will receive a 8 lure collection of Flat Balsa B, Balsa Wake 1, and Pro Sunny B from Bagley Baits!

1. @lukeysimonson
2. @OutlawArcher
3. @eMRGfishing
4. @JacksonMiller
5. @Little g
6. @bgoesch8
7. @bladehopper82
8. @dansshack
9. @jjlanier84
10. @bstavitski
11. @MetroMallard
12. @Ho4130
13. @teamlockhartoutdoors
14. @KayakDizz

108 Degrees Challenge Winners

The 108 Degree Challenge will feature $5,000 worth of amazing prizes!

Jackson Kayak Big Rig
1. @dsfish

Bonafide SS107 + Fishing Trip with Tyler Anderson
1. @ChargedupBassin

$50 Westbook Supply Co Gift Cards
1. @Jer519
2. @BassYakinVet

$100 Tackle Pack from Redline Lures
1. @PhantomFishing

Torqeedo Prize Package
1. @autumnsmallies
2. @ KcVfishing
3. @bskayakfishing

Dakota Lithium Powerbox Challenge Winners

Dakota Lithium 12v 10 Amp battery, a 12v 23 Amp Battery, or a Dakota Lithium Powerbox 10!

1. @JesseMM
2. @left
3. @WillBrewerFishing

TFO Fish Off Challenge Winners

19 participants who complete this challenge will feel like a Pro and receive 50% OFF one Tactical or Tactical Elite Bass Rod from One lucky winner will receive the TFO tactical Elite Bass rod, valued at $199.

Elite Bass Rod Winner

1. @Gobybryant

50% Off Code Winners

1. @Kye
2. @j_drwns
3. @miker110161
4. @TheRiverFishers
5. @casperdsj
6. @spudicus
7. @drewnichols4
8. @flcatchandrelease
9. @goblues11
10. @dnealdeal
11. @Shane98
12. @GPKrankers
13. @ManofSteele
14. @Zachsfishing
15. @littleadam
16. @juliamthomas09
17. @awesamk
18. @slabslinger
19. @jgracik3

Bass Angler BAM Challenge Winners

A print issue of BAM plus one year FREE of digital Bass Angler Magazine, prizes from River2Sea, Aqua-Vu, FishLab, DUO Realis with a $25 gift card to You will also be featured in the fall issue of Bass Angler Magazine issue.

1. @ditch fisher
2. @Nick Bowman
3. @joshkellyfishing

Boat. Kayak. Bank. Challenge. Winners

$25 gift cards to!

1. @Fshrofmen
2. @cpauly
3. @RealDiehlFishing

Pile-O-Fish, Sinking Boat Challenge Winners

Free 1-month subscription to MONSTERBASS!

1. @bhoodfishing
2. @Bassinthewest
3. @Juno

FishUSA Fish Off Winners

$100, $250, and $500 gift cards from FishUSA!

1. @Little g
2. @rreed0109
3. @lilbitkris

College Catch Fish, Not Covid Challenge Winners

Virtual Rod + ANGLR Swag Pack!

1. @ChargedupBassin

High School Catch Fish, Not Covid Challenge Winners

A Free Year of ANGLR Premium!

1. @Kye
2. @redfish48
3. @OffsetHook12
4. @EasternSportsmen
5. @simonky13
6. @FishDestroyer
7. @Austintheangler
8. @bladehopper82
9. @anthonyt232
10. @sumptertackle
11. @thbass
12. @WesternOutdoorsTV
13. @JesseMM
14. @lars320
15. @bhfishin

Virtual Rod + ANGLR Swag Pack

1. @Fishing18

Field Trips #SocialDistancing Challenge Winners

An assortment of Robert’s favorite lures and baits, a Field Trips tee, YAKFISH decals and free gear from ANGLR!

1. @goblues11
2. @bhfishin
3. @redfish48

TRF Quarantine Classic Winners

Lew’s Rod and Reel Combos from Tyler!

2. @mybigbass1
3. @JacksonMiller

Vibe On Challenge Winners

3 $100 Vibe Kayaks Gift Cards!

1. @rreed0109
2. @drifa
3. @Brokouski7

How To Enter

1. Download ANGLR
2. Navigate to Explore
4. Select a Challenge
5. Accept the Challenge
6. Now go Fishing!

How to Win

1. Turn on Anglr, go fishing, and catch the specific number of catches for the Challenge.

2. Earn the Challenge completion badge then share to your social page with the Challenge hashtag.

3. Sit back and check your email for the prizes and rewards.

Helpful Tips

1. Log gear to learn what combinations work best.
2. Pair ANGLR Bullseye to simplify logging your catches.
3. Use ANGLR Premium Maps to break down your waters.