The ANGLR Bullseye Fishing Tracker

Record every detail of every catch with the press of a button

ANGLR Bullseye Bluetooth Fishing Tracker

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The ANGLR Bullseye is a Bluetooth enabled remote that pairs with ANGLR’s free fishing app. One-click privately records catches. Two-clicks marks private waypoint. Press and hold records specific gear changes. It’s that convenient to keep your phone tucked away as you just go fishing.

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How Bullseye Works

  1. Clip, stick, or attach Bullseye anywhere
  2. Connect via Bluetooth directly to the ANGLR app
  3. Start a trip in the ANGLR app and begin plotting your fishing trips with real-time GPS
  4. Click Bullseye once to open camera automatically and store catch locations with weather, water, and coordinates
  5. Click twice to drop editable waypoints with all the details you need
  6. Press and hold to log and time stamp gear changes to receive gear analytics
  7. Your logged activity can be accessed and analyzed using any smartphone, tablet, or computer via the ANGLR app

The Remote To Your Private Fishing Logbook

“This is a game changer for the savvy angler who is looking to improve. You can’t improve what you don’t measure.”

James ElamBassmaster Elite Series Pro

“The Bullseye is the coolest tool I’ve found for fishing in a long time.”

Tyler BarnesVerified Buyer

“It’s as easy as it looks. I think I’m going to really like it!”

Will EstersVerified Buyer

“The easiest and fastest way to mark waypoints and catches without ever pulling out your phone or tapping around on a graph.”

Bass Angler Magazine

“This system removes the guesswork and builds fishing intelligence without interrupting the fishing experience.”


“$30 is almost nothing compared to all the data I get back from the Bullseye after my trips are over.”