Bullseye Fishing Tracker

Available NOW for $29.99! Bullseye is a Bluetooth button that pairs with ANGLR’s free app to create the most powerful and effortless fishing intelligence in the world.

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The Simplest Way to Track Your Fishing

Mark catches and waypoints with a click of a button. Saves time from pro anglers and college anglers to recreational bass fishing, boat fishing, surf fishing, troll fishing, inshore fishing, fly fishing ice fishing, kayak fishing, bank fishing, and more.

How it works

How Bullseye Works

  1. Clip, stick, or attach anywhere.
  2. Connect via Bluetooth directly to the FREE ANGLR app
  3. Start a trip in the ANGLR app. After the trip is started, log catches and waypoints phone-free and hands-free with the Bullseye.
  4. Click once to record catches with weather, water, and location details.
  5. Click twice to drop waypoints.
  6. After you end your trip, your logged activity can be accessed and analyzed using any smartphone, tablet, or computer via the free ANGLR web and mobile apps.
Product Details

Product Details:

  • Made to Fish!
  • No Charging Required! 2-year battery life (non-replaceable)
  • Weather proof (IP54)
  • Clips to anything
  • Adhesive back can be removed for sticking anywhere
  • Includes apparel clip

Use Bullseye with the Free ANGLR App

All of your fishing data is private and securely stored in your free ANGLR account. 

Bullseye works with the latest version of the ANGLR mobile app for iOS and Android mobile devices. Download this free app, pair your Bullseye, start fishing mode and your phone transforms into the most powerful tracking device on the planet. It will automatically pull in water data, weather data, and other location data as you go about your day fishing. As you click Bullseye to mark smart waypoints and catches they are synced with your app and available to update and edit at your convenience.

No cell-service needed to use Bullseye and ANGLR app on the water!

ANGLR Bullseye Bluetooth Fishing Tracker

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Mark your bullseye.

One click marks a catch. Two clicks marks a smart waypoint.

Today, savvy anglers are using data to catch more fish and tell powerful stories. But, capturing that data or keeping a logbook is a hassle. Pulling out a phone or messing with a graph on a screen interrupts the experience on the water.

Bullseye changes everything. It is the fastest and easiest way to mark interactive waypoints and catches. Clip, stick, or hang this trusty button anywhere and start building your fishing intelligence automatically with every click. Then, share only what you want with who you want.

Buy now for $29.99.

“The Bullseye is the coolest tool I’ve found for fishing in a long time.”

Tyler BarnesVerified Buyer

“It’s as easy as it looks. I think I’m going to really like it!”

Will EstersVerified Buyer

“This is a game changer for the savvy angler who is looking to improve. You can’t improve what you don’t measure.”

James ElamBassmaster Elite Series Pro

Start building your fishing intelligence with every click.

Build Your Personal Fishing Data Dashboard

Bullseye is a piece of fishing gear to help you make smarter future decisions. After using Bullseye and ANGLR to log your fishing, you’ll uncover fishing trends and fishing patterns related to:

  • best time to fish
  • best days to fish
  • wind conditions
  • water conditions
  • air temperatures
  • water levels and flow
  • GPS locations
  • time of day
  • barometric pressure
  • lure colors
  • best moon phase
  • tackle
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